Maps relating to the work of the GNA-G – Global Network Advancement Group

GNA Compliant Infrastructure

Work started at the end of 2016 to see which parts of the current (and shortly upcoming) R&E network infrastructure is compliant, by means of self-assessment  of the owner of the resource, with the GNA Reference Documents v1.0. At the Internet2 Global Summit in Washington, DC, in April 2017, the Phase I of the GNA Compliant Infrastructure was presented, and looks as follows:

  • The GNA v1.0 compliant GXPs (click on map to enlarge):

GNA Map with GXPs 2017

  • The GNA v1.0 compliant links (click on image to enlarge):

GNA GXPs and Links 2017

Check lists for self assessment against the GNA Reference Architecture v1.0 by resource owners are available here: