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General information about projects and initiatives.

GNA Reference Documents v1.0 – January 2017

The GNA Technical Working Group produced six documents that together are the Global Network Architecture Reference v1.0. These documents were published in January 2017:

The files above are in “PDF/Universal Accessibility” (PDF/UA) format, and hence are available to those equipped with appropriate software. The conformance with PDF/UA ensures accessibility for people with disabilities who use assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, joysticks and other technologies to navigate and read electronic content.

Please also note that the above six documents replace the older version numbered lower than v1.0 or with version number v1.0-technical.

White Papers

The GNA Technical WG also maintains an archive of GNA White Papers that are published by their respective authors, and are relevant to the GNA and define possible future work:

Merger between GNA Tech and GLIF

During the NORDUnet Conference 2018 in Helsingør, Denmark, in September 2018, the GNA Technical WG co-chairs and the GLIF co-chairs discussed a paper called “GNA Working Areas v1.1”, proposing the merger of the GNA Technical WG activities with the GLIF activities.

The GNA MaDDashes

KDDI / APAN-JP are maintaining a monitoring effort on the GNA Compliant infrastructure for Research and Education, in the form of a reachability matrix using MaDDashes:

Thanks to KDDI / APAN-JP for maintaining this.

Procedural documents

The following documents are available on how GNA-G conducts it business:


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