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The GREN Map Working Group is guiding the development of a unified system for visualizing the high-level connectivity of and participation in the community of Research and Education
Networks around the globe, referred to as the GREN: The Global Research and Education Network.

The goal of this Working Group is to achieve a dynamic visualization of the GREN that is perpetually up-to-date without requiring onerous parallel data collection & maintenance activities. This is achieved through the joint development of a reference data model, and standardization of supporting data automation tools. This visualization will serve as a reference for other visualizations created by the community, in order to apply different aesthetics or perspectives on the same source data.

While a number of national and international Research and Education Network maps currently exist, most of them are populated manually, and involve a large effort to gather, translate, and
maintain the source data from regional network operators. Many also show a singular perspective on the network.


  • A dynamic visualization of the GREN

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