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Established: Q1 2023

Over the years Intercontinental connectivity has been achieved using plain VLANS to operate links in systems like ANA (Advanced North Atlantic collaboration), AER (AsiaPacfic Europe Ring) and others. Using layer-2 VLANs proves to be operationally hard. Quite often the configuration of these services is a highly manual process involving many international parties.

In addition, due to the manual nature of these services’ redundancy, load-balancing and optimisation can be difficult to manage. Across the NREN community the need for automation both of initial configuration and on-going operation of these services is essential.

The question is how can we advance this? For this it is proposed that a new GNA-G workgroup is created to investigate, test, experiment, and learn what could new technologies do and how could it advance our day-to-day operations.


  • To investigate and test new technologies and how those can advance day-to-day operations.

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