account_balance Network Automation

This working-group will develop a catalogue of common network automation tools for use within a NREN to drive automated configuration, security auditing, change control activities and intra-domain automation activities.

For example, what CMDB, scripted provisioning tools, business process logic software and security auditing tools are used by each NREN?

The longer-term goal is to facilitate collaboration on common tools and practices, thus enabling NRENs to deploy network automation & orchestration more quickly and effectively.

The group will also work closely with other working groups to ensure interoperability and consistency.


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adjust 1 - Glossary

Create a standardised glossary of terms related to Network Automation, to assist collaboration

adjust 2 - Catalogue

Create and maintain a catalogue of network automation tools identify common APIs that NRENs utilise and setup network automation training

adjust 3 - Common Activities

Identify a common set of network automation activities each NREN could re-utilise, to reduce duplication of effort

adjust 4 - New Common APIs

Identify and agree on a common API set for communicating between NRENs so that multidomain services such as AutoGOLE/SENSE or the Global Research Platform will work across networks

Working Group Chairs

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adjust Migiel de Vos



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