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Established: Q1 2024

Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, and small and medium National Research and Education Networks are increasingly becoming a target. New GNA-G Security Bootcamps WG is initiated to address this challenge with a specific activity of the Security Bootcamps with the primary goal of increasing the security maturity level of these NRENs. This will enable the start of the Security activities within the GNA-G umbrella while using an innovative approach that focuses on a hands-on and practical training by utilising the GÉANT Security Baseline as a foundational guide for improvement. In parallel, the WG will dive into other more strategic discussions and with the time create a platform for further activities.

The Security Bootcamps are designed as immersive, intensive training sessions mainly focused for CISO’s, Security Managers, Directors, covering key aspects of the GÉANT Security Baseline tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by small and medium NRENs, including the best practices on security and covering GDPR requirements. The curriculum also includes modules on risk assessment, incident response, secure network architecture, and best practices for safeguarding confidential/sensitive data.


The main objective of the Security Bootcamps is to empower small and medium NRENs with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to enhance their cybersecurity posture. By attending a practical and hands-on training, participants will gain real-life experience ensuring they can effectively implement security measures, self-assess their security systems and respond to emerging threats.

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