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Latest charter date: January 2021

The Automated GOLE/SENSE Working Group within GNA-G is a worldwide collaboration of open exchange points and R&E networks to deliver network services end-to-end in a fully
automated way, wherein connection requests are handled through the Network Service Interface Connection Service (NSI-CS).

An increasing number of networks across the globe are now using NSI to provision and deprovision international network services. This saves a considerable amount of time of NOC
engineers facilitating international network service requests. Service creation is done within minutes, instead of multiple days or even weeks, removing manual human effort from the


  • Dynamic ANA: delivering automated network (de)provisioning on the trans-Atlantic ANA fiber system;
  • Implementing SENSE: researching and implementation of SENSE within the AutoGOLE networks, exchanges and end points; and
  • Persistent Multi-Resource Infrastructure: building a persistent infrastructure for science on top of dedicated connectivity, NSI and SENSE.

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