The Community VCs of the Global (R&E) Network Advancement Group (GNA-G) are scheduled to take place online on September 14 and 15. The aim of the Community VCs is to:

* Bring ongoing progress and advancements to the attention of the worldwide R&E Network, Science, and Computer Science communities;
* Foster deeper engagement within and among the communities, bringing mutual benefit for more effective operations now, and for the future vision of next generation networks and workflows;
* Synergize the efforts and leverage the progress of the GNA-G Working Groups and discover new opportunities for advancement while avoiding unnecessary overlaps;
* Provide a wide-ranging focus and synergy, tools and services for the global ensembles of research and education networks, present and future;
* Sustain the conversation and maintain forward progress in the time of the pandemic, and deal with the ongoing transformations it will leave in its wake;
* Providing opportunities to join one or more efforts through our working groups and sustain and strengthen our global mission.

The GNA-G Q3 2020 Community VCs are planned to have a lot of interactivity, as a couple of presentation will be prerecorded and made available in advance of the Community VCs, for watching at a time convenient for you. More information on this and a detailed agenda will be sent closer to the meeting.

Meeting coordinates

VC #1: Monday, 14 September 2020 2pm – 4pm UTC (most suitable for participants from North America, Latin America, Africa, and Europe). Registration link:

VC #2: 15 September 2020 7am – 9am UTC (most suitable for participants from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe). Registration link:

Preliminary agenda

1. Opening & Welcome – Gerben van Malenstein 5’

2. Setting the scene – Jim Ghadbane (President and CEO, CANARIE) 10’

3. Updates from the GNA-G Leadership Team – Gerben van Malenstein 15’

4. Network Automation – live presentation by Warrick Mitchell 20′

5. Theme discussion 40’
a) How can we best support commercial cloud access (network aspects) – David Wilde 20’
b) Understanding demands from advanced science & research – Buseung Cho 20’

6. Active discussion on the pre-recordings 25’
a) GÉANT: architectures for NREN networks using TMF’s ODA – Maria Isabel Gandia, Sonja Filiposka 5’
b) GREN Mapping WG – Ryan Davies 5’
c) AutoGOLE/SENSE WG – Gerben van Malenstein 5’
d) Offshore Students WG – David Wilde 5’
e) Data Intensive Science WG – Harvey Newman 5’

7. Announcement of next VCs and closure – Gerben van Malenstein 5’


As preparation for this online event we kindly ask you to watch these pre-recorded sessions before you join the GNA-G Community VCs:

Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) in GÉANT – Maria Isabel Gandia, Sonja Filiposka 19′

Update from the Connecting Offshore Students Working Group – David Wilde 9′

Update from the GREN Map Working Group – Ryan Davies 9′

Update from the AutoGOLE/SENSE Working Group – Gerben van Malenstein 7′

Update from the Data Intensive Science Working Group – Harvey Newman 40′